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Best San Francisco Appliance Repair company on Yelp

Using Yelp to find a local appliance repair company in SF

There are many legitimate websites that allow customers to provide reviews of local services. Yelp is a good resource, since customers can see comments and company responses. Check San Francisco's highly rated Advantage Appliance Service on Yelp , for instance. You can tell a lot from these reviews and responses if you read them carefully. Often, Yelp highlights the top 10 service providers in the area, and that’s the case with Advantage. Already, this gives you an idea of the company's standing in the community. Read through some of the reviews, both good and bad. If the company responds to less-satisfied customers, was the response professional and courteous? That's a good sign that the company cares about delivering good customer service. Pay attention to how customers rate the company's promptness and knowledge. Note whether customers were satisfied with the durability of parts and repairs

You probably don't give your home appliances much thought from day to day. When one of those appliances breaks down, though, your daily life and schedule head for a freefall. How will you make dinner without a stove? Where will you store your frozen foods while waiting for your fridge to be fixed? How on earth will you be able to dry those sopping-wet clothes emerging from your washer?

Like most good things in life, appliances are easy to take for granted. Fortunately, there are many ways you can ease the pain of a failing appliance. From light troubleshooting to tips for choosing a repair company, you can ease your appliance woes. Here a few steps for achieving painless appliance repair:

Check the Obvious

It's downright embarrassing to call in an appliance repair company only to find that your appliance was just unplugged all along. You can avoid a red-faced moment by simply checking a few obvious components before you call for repairs.

All Appliances: Check that electrical cords are fully plugged into the outlet. Wiggle the plug a little to see if the connection is lost in certain positions. Similarly, double check your electrical panel to verify that the power supply to the outlet hasn't tripped.

Washers and Dryers: Washers and dryers won't turn on unless door latches are firmly engaged. Make sure your washer and dryer doors are completely shut. Likewise, double check that the control knobs are fully pushed in or pulled out.

Gas Stoves: If your burners won't light, look around the burner itself for dried-on food debris. This debris can block the burner's electric ignition switch. If there's debris, wipe off burners and make sure they're clean.

Refrigerators: If your fridge or freezer is too warm, make sure the unit's door is firmly shut. Often, food particles and spilled sauces and sodas can gum up the door's rubber gaskets. If the gasket is very impaired, it can prevent the door from forming a good seal. Wipe down the gaskets just to be sure your door seal is complete. If the fridge is too warm or too cold, make sure food containers are not blocking interior air vents. Simply rearranging items in the fridge can ensure proper airflow throughout your fridge and freezer. Also, check temperature settings and make sure your fridge is the proper distance from walls and cabinets.

Dishwasher: If the detergent dispenser isn't opening properly during a wash cycle, there are several issues to check. First, make sure the dispenser latch is intact and moving freely when you manually engage it. Next, make sure that items in your dishwasher are not blocking the dispenser door. If the appliance isn't draining, take a look at the dishwasher's filter located at the bottom of the unit. Sometimes food debris blocks the filter's mesh and prevents proper drainage. As with most other appliances, if the dishwasher isn't starting, check door seals and control buttons.

Know Your Warranty

Most modern appliances come with a limited manufacturer's warranty. If your appliance breaks down during the warranty period, you must call the company's customer service department. In order for your repairs to be covered, you must use the company's designated repair service.

Before calling the factory's customer service department, read through your warranty. Make sure you ask customer service exactly what parts and components are covered by the warranty. Find out what's excluded, too, so you can interact more knowledgeably with your repair tech.

If you recently purchased your home, you may have a home warranty in place that covers your appliances. If you have a home warranty, check to see if you must use specified repairers. Also, be sure to review the policy's terms.

Checklist for Finding a Reputable Repair Company

Most modern appliances are very reliable and durable. As a result, you may not have already formed a relationship with a local repair company. If this is the case, there are several things you can do to make sure you're contacting a reputable company.

- Is the company properly licensed?

It pays to know the local and state requirements for appliance repair companies. In California, for example, repairers are licensed by the Bureau of Electronic Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation. You can verify your repairer's license status and see pending complaints on the bureau's website. You can also find important business information such as how long the company has been licensed. Do not contract with a repairer who does not meet your state's requirements.

- Is the company insured?

Many states who license repair companies make adequate insurance a condition of licensing. If your state doesn’t require insurance, ask the company if it's insured. This protects you and the company if something goes wrong during a repair visit.

- Does the company offer extended hours?

Your appliances don't keep to regular business hours, and your repair company shouldn't either. For your convenience, look for repair companies that offer extended, flexible or emergency hours. A company that offers weekend service without charging extra is a special bonus.

- What appliance brands does the company service?

Are all of your appliances the same brand in both your kitchen and your laundry room? If so, it's okay to choose a company that specializes in one or two brands. If your appliance brands vary, choose a company that is more broadly skilled. Many manufacturers train or certify repair technicians. That certification's not always necessary if your appliances are no longer under warranty. On the other hand, some training from various manufacturers can make your repair tech more well-rounded.

- Check customer reviews.

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find out about your prospective repair company.

Finally, observe whether the repairer offers potential customers advice and tips over the phone. A reputable repair person usually asks a series of detailed questions over the phone when you call for service. This inquiry helps repairers understand the full scope of the problem and helps them prepare for the visit. If the appliance symptoms point to a minor issue you can fix yourself, a trustworthy repairer will tell you so.

Dealing with a broken appliance can actually be relatively painless. Simply follow the steps above and your home will be back to normal in no time.

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    “Very satisfied with their prompt service at a very fair price!”

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