3 Ways to Know Whether To Repair or Replace Your Oven
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3 Ways to Know Whether To Repair or Replace Your Oven

If you’re weighing the question of whether to repair or replace an appliance, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a shiny new unit. That’s understandable since major appliance manufacturers constantly build innovative new ovens with tons of perks. In some ways, it may also seem easier to simply call up and order a new oven instead of coordinating an oven repair service visit.Before you toss out that old oven, though, there are a few issues you should consider. Take a quick look at our tips so you make the right decision for you and your home.

Total Cost of Repair

Even if you have a major problem with your oven, it’s unlikely that your repairs will exceed the cost of a new appliance. HomeAdvisor reports that the average appliance repair cost in the San Francisco Bay Area is $181, across all appliance types. It’s often less expensive to repair ovens because their issues are relatively routine, easily identified and quickly remedied.  Here are the first steps for determining whether you should repair or replace an oven: -Get an estimate of repair costs. -Find out how long it will take to complete the repairs. -Search online for the average cost of a new oven. Be sure to search for the correct oven size. Some older homes have unusually sized spaces for ovens, and you’ll need to make sure you’re pricing out the right size. Angie’s List reports that new ovens generally cost between $650 and $2,000. Of course, higher end ovens like La Cornue can cost around $10,000. -Be sure to check what is included in the price of purchase. Some ovens, for instance, don’t automatically come with power cords, and you’ll have to buy one separately. -Find out the average delivery and installation fees of a new appliance. -Get an estimate of the cost of installation. -Get an estimate of the cost of removing and discarding your old appliance. To know your actual estimated cost, call in a top oven repair service in San Francisco like Advantage Appliance Repair. Most top-rated appliance repair shops work hard to get to your appliance within a day, so you should have your cost estimate in hand in no time. Angie’s List recommends that you start considering replacement once repair costs exceed $400 to $700. As you begin to think about the cost of repairs versus replacement, keep in mind that time is money. If having a new oven shipped and installed is going to take two weeks, that’s two weeks of eating out and disrupting your family’s schedule. If your local technician can repair your oven immediately, there’s often no contest about whether to repair or replace.


Once you have a total estimated cost of repairing your oven versus replacing it, consider your oven’s expected durability. The average lifespan of a gas oven is 10 to 18 years. If you have a range that encompasses a stove and an oven, be sure to also consider the expected longevity of your stovetop. Electric ranges generally last 13 to 15 years; gas ranges last 15 to 17 years. If your gas oven is seven years old, then you likely can count on it for a few more years at least. If your oven is 14 years old, the decision is not quite as easy. This is where the seasoned experience of a trusted oven appliance repair technician can help. Experienced repair techs are more likely to know how long your oven make and model are likely to last. Ask your Advantage Appliance Repair tech for advice and make the process easier on yourself. 

Consider Efficiency

For many Bay Area residents, preserving our natural resources and conserving energy are important. For some appliances, we can use the EnergyStar designation to help us determine whether a new appliance is energy efficient or not. Unfortunately, there is no EnergyStar label for residential ovens and ranges.  While we usually recommend that consumers look into the possible energy savings of purchasing a new appliance, there's simply not enough oven data to help you make a wise choice. There are some things to consider about your oven's energy efficiency though: -Compare your current oven's preheating time versus a new oven's reported preheating time. -Compare your oven's cooking time to the reduced cooking time of a new oven's features such as steam, induction, convection and speed cooking. These two comparisons will help you determine whether you can achieve meaningful energy savings by buying a new oven.

The Final Assessment

Put all of your collected data on a two-column spreadsheet. In one column, list all of the potential costs of repairing your oven. Include a cost for your time spent waiting for the oven repair service to complete repairs. In the next column, write down all the costs associated with buying and installing a new oven. Include the cost of eating out while you’re waiting for a replacement and the cost of discarding the old oven. In many cases, it’s more cost-effective to repair your oven than replace it. There are some intangible considerations, too, though. If you long for some of the new oven or range features, like induction cooktops and steam ovens, it might be the right time to buy a new oven. If having the latest and nicest looking oven is important to you, weigh that in your assessment. If being cost-effective is emotionally rewarding for you, factor that into your "repair oven" choice. Keep in mind that the experienced technicians at Advantage Appliance Repair are always on hand to help you make appliance repair decisions. We’re happy to advise you about your current oven’s condition, and we’re honored to help. Simply give us a call or drop us a note online, and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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